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Isabelle Putod

After studying screenwriting at Paris 1, Isabelle Putod trained on feature films and then edited short films. She then devoted herself to editing creative documentaries. For the past twenty years, she has worked with directors such as Laurent Chevallier, Amalia Escriva, Catarina Mourão and Philippe Martin, and has been aninstructor at La Fémis (Summer University, Archidoc and Gulf-Summer).For several years, she has been a writer-director. Her films, formally hybrid, have a strong dramatic tension: L’Exilé du temps, selected in the “Labo” competition at the Clermont Ferrand festival in 2017, tells the story of the survival of a man alone at the bottom of an abyss; Une Femme Légère, a short documentary film finalized in 2022, looks at the tragic end of her great-aunt.

在巴黎一大学习编剧后,伊莎贝尔·普托德(Isabelle Putod)开始致力于剪辑创意纪录片。在过去的二十年里,她与劳伦·谢瓦利埃(Laurent Chevallier)、阿玛莉亚·埃斯克里瓦(Amalia Escriva)、卡塔里娜·穆朗(Catarina Mourão)等导演合作,并在法国国立高等影音学院(La Fémis)夏季大学中担任导师。 多年来,她一直是一位作家兼导演。她的电影形式多样,具有很强的戏剧张力:《L’Exilé du temps》于2017年入选法国克莱蒙费朗国际短片电影节“实验室”竞赛单元,讲述了一个人在深渊底部的生存故事;纪录短片《Une Femme Légère》于2022年完成,关注了她的大姨妈的悲剧结局。

A light woman


A light woman
Exiled from Time


Exiled from Time
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