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Isidro Sánchez

Holds a B.A. in Film Direction from the Film School of Andalusia. He is also a Social Educator. His film works including: Short films (S-8mm) (1987-1992) Almadraba, Víctor, Hadú, Román se despide, Palomeras, Pireo, Días borrados (2008), Son de todos (2009),No me contéis entre vosotros (2015)
Best Documentary Film Award – “Alcances” Documentary Film Festival (Cádiz, Spain) which screened in
2016 ASECAN Andalusian Cinema Award Nominee (Best First time Director, Best Documentary and Best Cinematography), 2019 Málaga Film Festival Official Competition, among others.

Isidro Sánchez在安达卢西亚电影学院获得电影导演学士学位,他也是一名社会教育家。他的作品有《Días borrados》 (2008)、《Son de todos》 (2009)、《No me contéis entre vosotros》(2015)等,曾获得西班牙Alcances纪录电影节最佳纪录电影奖, ASECAN安达卢西亚电影奖提名以及阿根廷马拉加电影节官方竞赛最佳电影导演奖、最佳纪录片奖。(季盈杰)

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