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Jérémy Piette

As an artist and journalist, Jérémy Piette develops a series of visual works which center around the influence of new media on the question of memory and eternity in cinema. Stemming from a desire to tell stories about the youth's hopes in a more narrative way and to mix different film genres, The Blue Shelter is his first short fiction.

作为一位艺术家和记者,杰雷米·皮埃特(Jérémy Piette)制作了一系列视觉作品,围绕新媒体对电影中记忆和永恒问题的影响展开。出于对以更叙事方式讲述年轻人希望故事的愿望,以及混合不同电影类型的兴趣,他的第一部剧情短片作品是《The Blue Shelter》。

The Blue Shelter


The Blue Shelter
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