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Jack Henry Robbins

Jack Henry Robbins is a filmmaker and human being from New York City who is currently in traffic in Los Angeles. Jack Henry’s short films, PAINTING WITH JOAN and HOT WINTER: A FILM BY DICK PIERRE, premiered in back-to-back years at Sundance 2017 and 2018. His webseries Ultimate Ultimate, a show about amateur DJs, was developed into a TV show by Comedy Central and currently lives on Funny or Die. His documentary THESE STORIED STREETS about America’s homeless population has won awards at multiple festivals and he is proud of what the film has done to raise awareness for an issue dear to his heart.

Jack Henry Robbins是一位来自纽约的导演,他目前正堵在洛杉矶的路上。他的两部短片《PAINTING WITH JOAN》与《HOT WINTER: A FILM BY DICK PIERRE》前后入围2017和2018年的圣丹斯电影节,他创作的关于业余DJ的网络剧系列《Ultimate Ultimate》被喜剧中心频道改编成电视剧。他的纪录片《无家故事》讲述了美国街头流浪者人群的故事,在多个电影节夺得奖项。他为此片让更多人意识到了他所关心的这一议题而感到自豪。



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