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Jamie Helmer, Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard and Jamie Helmer began making films together in 2014 when they collaborated on the short film, Late October. In 2016 they began work on their follow up, The Knife Salesman, which premiered at the 74th Venice Film Festival. The film is a proof of concept for their first feature film, Grafton Point, currently in production.

迈克尔·伦纳德(Michael Leonard)和杰米·海默(Jamie Helmer)于2014年开始合作拍摄短片《十月底》。 在2016年,他们开始创作第二部作品《匕首推销员》,该片在第74届威尼斯电影节上首映。 这部电影是他们首部故事片《格拉夫顿角》的概念片。

The Diver


The Diver
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