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Jawahine Zentar

After studying management, Jawahine Zentar started working in the film industry as an assistant director, and followed directors on set for 10 years. “Sur la tombe de mon père”, rather autobiographical, is her first film as a scriptwriter and director. She is currently developing other short and feature-length projects.

在学习了管理学之后,亚瓦依尼·曾塔尔(Jawahine Zentar)开始在电影行业工作,担任助理导演,并在片场跟随导演工作了10年。在我父亲的坟墓上(Sur la tombe de mon père)是她作为编剧和导演的首部电影,颇具自传色彩。她目前正在筹备其他短片和长片项目。

On my father's grave


On my father's grave
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