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Jela Hasler

Jela Hasler studied photography in Zurich and Istanbul, and video in Lucerne. Her short films have been shown at festivals in Switzerland and abroad and have won several awards. She’s been awarded an artist residency in Paris, and was granted the Carte Blanche for the trailer of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur. Jela is an alumna of the ZFF Masterclass, the GIFF New Talent Screen as well as the FEST Training Grounds (Portugal). She has been a jury member of several film festivals and grants. Jela is a board member of Pro Short, the Swiss Short Film Association, as well as a member of the directors association ARF/FDS..

Jela Hasler曾在苏黎世和伊斯坦布尔学习摄影,在卢塞恩学习录像。她的短片已经在瑞士和国际的电影节上放映,并获得了一些奖项。她曾获得巴黎的艺术家驻地资格,并被全权委托拍摄温特图尔国际短片节的预告片。Jela是苏黎世电影节大师班、GIFF银幕新秀以及FEST培训基地(葡萄牙)的成员。她担任过多个电影节和奖项的评审。另外,Jela还是瑞士短片协会Pro Short的委员和导演协会ARF/FDS的成员。

On Solid Ground


On Solid Ground
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