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Jinhyun Kim

Kim was born and raised in Korea. Kim spent her entire twenties in Germany, studying installation and visual arts. Following the pandemic, Kim returned to academia to broaden their expressive mediums to include moving images, texts, and films. Currently, Kim is deeply involved in the production of their upcoming documentary film in Cologne, Germany.

金珍贤(Jinhyun Kim)在韩国出生并长大,在德国度过了整整十年的青春,并专攻装置艺术和视觉艺术。在疫情爆发后,她回到学术界,拓展了她的表达媒介,包括移动图像、文字和电影。目前,她正在德国科隆拍摄她即将推出的纪录片。

Blue, Woman, Dress


Blue, Woman, Dress
蓝色 女子 裙子
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