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João Rosas

João Rosas was born in Lisbon on November 2, 1981. He studied Communication and Cinema in Lisbon, Bologna and at the London Film School with a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation. He was a fellow researcher in the "Works" research project, about the representation of work in Portuguese cinema.
He is the author of three collections of short stories and various short films, such as “My mother is a pianist” (2005), "Birth of a City'' (2009), “Entrecampos" (2012) and "Maria do Mar'' (2015), premiered in Locarno and prizewinner in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. His latest film, “Catavento” (2020), won the prize for Best Short Film at BAFICI 2021 and a Special Mention from the Jury at the Festival du Cinéma de Brive. He is currently preparing his first feature film.

João Rosas于1981年11月2日在里斯本出生。他在里斯本、博洛尼亚和伦敦电影学院学习传播和电影,并获得古尔班基安基金会的资助。同时,他是三部短篇小说集及众多短片的作者,如 《我的母亲是钢琴家》(2005年),《城市的诞生》(2009年),《昂特卡浦奥斯》(2012年)及在洛迦诺首映的《海上的玛利亚》(2015年),该片也同时在葡萄牙、西班牙和巴西获奖。他的最新作品 《风向标》(2020年)赢得了2021年布宜诺斯艾利斯国际独立电影节最佳短片奖和法国布里夫电影节评审团特别提及奖。他目前正在准备他的第一部剧情长片。

Wind Vane


Wind Vane
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