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Joachim Michaux

Joachim Michaux was born in France in 1988 to a Belgian mother and a French father. Before switching focus to his own creative ideas, he worked for several years in the film industry. This experience allowed him to confront his vision with that of many filmmakers in the field of documentaries, fiction or experimental cinema; he thus worked on the distribution of films by Frederick Wiseman, Bruno Dumont, Claire Simon and Béla Tarr. Joachim developed his practice by directing short documentary essays, with a self-taught approach at first before benefiting from a subvention that allowed him to make his film The American, selected in several international festivals. He was then admitted to Le Fresnoy, where he is currently sharpening his practice. His documentary work focuses on the invisible links between objective reality and the intimate perception of his subjects, addressing themes of memory, reconstruction and transcendence

Joachim Michaux于1988年出生在法国,母亲是比利时人,父亲是法国人。在转向对自我创意的关注之前,他在电影行业工作了几年。这段经历让他能够与许多纪录片、科幻片和实验电影界的电影人产生视域的碰撞。因此,他参与了弗雷德里克·怀斯曼、布鲁诺·杜蒙、克莱尔·西蒙和贝拉·塔尔电影作品的发行工作。Joachim在导演纪录短片的过程中获得了实践经验,他起初靠自学,后来获得了资助,从而使得其作品《The American》入围多个国际电影节。而后他被Le Fresnoy法国国家现代艺术中心录取,如今他还在这里打磨自身的实战经验。他的纪录片作品专注于客观现实与个人感受的无形联系,传达对于记忆、重建和超越等主题的思考。(申雨夕)

On your ashes


On your ashes
The American


The American
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