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Joanne Cesario

Joanne Cesario (b. 1995) grew up in the Province of Batangas and moved to Metro Manila to pursue film studies at the University of the Philippines. Both her childhood experiences and political undertakings have deeply shaped her beliefs and sensibilities. Working across film, publication, and photography since 2013, she melds personal and collective histories on labor, female identity, and ever-shifting landscapes and spaces. In 2020, her first professional short film 'Here, Here' was an official selection to the Pardi di domani Competition of the Locarno Film Festival.

Joanne Cesario于1995年出生并成长在菲律宾八打雁省,随后前往位于马尼拉的菲律宾大学学习电影。童年经历和政治工作都深刻地塑造了她的信念与知觉。2013年起,她开始涉足电影、出版和摄影行业,结合劳动、女性身份和不断变迁的地形与空间方面的个人和集体历史进行创作。2020年,她的第一部专业短片《这里,这里》入围洛迦诺电影节明日影人单元。

Here, Here


Here, Here
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