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Jussi Eerola

Jussi Eerola (b.1969) has worked as a cinematographer on many internationally rewarded films since 1992. His directional debut was a documentary about electro-hypersensitive people titled Refugees of Technocracy (2009). In 2015 he finished another documentary together with a longtime collaborator Mika Taanila: The Return of the Atom premiered at TIFF (Canada) and won the NORDIC:DOX Award at CPH:DOX (Denmark). Eerola's first minimalistic short film Blue Honda Civic premiered at IFFR 2020 and was screened at many festivals including 58th Ann Arbor FF (USA), Beijing ISFF (China) and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (Germany). Blue Honda Civic was given the LABO award at Prague Short FF (Czech), Grand Prix at 39th Tous Courts Festival (France) and the 3rd award at international short film competition at Short Waves FF (Poland). Eerola is a founding member of the production company Testifilmi Oy which emphasizes the vast potential of cinematic possibilities over standard formats and storytelling.

尤西·艾罗拉(Jussi Eerola),生于1969年。自1992年起一直担任摄影师,参与了许多国际获奖的电影制作。他的导演首作是一部关于电敏症人群的纪录片,题为《Refugees of Technocracy》(2009年)。2015年,他与长期合作伙伴米卡·塔尼拉(Mika Taanila)完成了另一部纪录片:《The Return of the Atom》首映于多伦多国际电影节,并在哥本哈根国际纪录片电影节获奖。艾罗拉的第一部极简短片《Blue Honda Civic》于2020年在鹿特丹电影节首映,并在许多其他电影节上放映。《Blue Honda Civic》在布拉格短片电影节获得LABO奖,以及在波兰短波电影节的国际短片竞赛中获得第三名奖。艾罗拉是制片公司Testifilmi Oy的创始成员,该公司强调对电影可能性的广泛探索,超越传统格式和叙事。



Blue Honda Civic


Blue Honda Civic
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