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Karl Kaisel

Karl Kaisel places himself somewhere between artist and designer. As a designer he sees value in aesthetics as a tool to access the viewers’ attention and as an artist he is interested in the relationships that humans and nonhumans have; the artificial dichotomy and tension that is dividing the world into natural and unnatural. He feels a strong connection to that land and everything that is inhabiting it, living or nonliving. Through that connection he sees the world as an intertwined relationship expanding through every aspect of life.

Karl studied Media Design in Pallas University of Applied Sciences in Estonia, and has a degree in Art & Science, MA from University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria.

卡尔·凯泽尔(Karl Kaisel)将自己定位在艺术家和设计师之间。作为一名设计师,他认为美学是吸引观众注意力的重要工具;作为一名艺术家,他对人类和非人类的关系,人为地将世界分为自然和非自然地对立和紧张关系感兴趣。他感到自己与这片土地以及居住在这片土地上地一切,无论是生物还是非生物,都有紧密的练习。通过这种联系,他将世界视为一种相互交织的关系,并将其延伸到生活的方方面面。卡尔曾在爱沙尼亚帕拉斯应用科学大学学习媒体设计,并获得奥地利维也纳应用艺术大学的艺术与科学硕士学位。

Island of Multitude


Island of Multitude

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