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Kostas Chaliasas

Kostas Chaliasas (1992) is a Phd Candidate in Music Composition and Cinema (AUTH). He holds a Bachelor and a Masters in Music Composition by AUTH and a Masters in Film and Theatre Composition by Ionian University. He has composed and directed short films premiered and awarded at international Film Festivals (Austin international Film Festival, Seoul IYFF, Athens IFF. Drama ISFF…) He participated at the Sarajevo International film Festival (2018) as a “Sarajevo Talent”. He received two international first prizes by Centre Xenakis (France) for his video and music installations, which premiered in USA, France, Japan, Mexico…He has also been awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS (2022).

科斯塔斯·查利亚萨斯(Kostas Chaliasas),出生于1992年,是希腊亚里士多德大学音乐创作与电影博士研究生。他获得亚里士多德大学音乐创作学士和硕士学位,并在伊奥尼亚大学获得电影与戏剧作曲硕士学位。他创作并执导的短片曾在多个国际电影节上展映并获奖。他曾作为“萨拉热窝新秀”参加2018年的萨拉热窝国际电影节。他的视听装置作品曾获得法国伊尼斯-谢纳基斯中心(CIX)颁发的两个国际一等奖,并在美国、法国、日本、墨西哥等地展映。

Angry Fish


Angry Fish
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