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Kym McDaniel

Kym McDaniel (she/her) is a filmmaker, media artist, choreographer, and performer. Her current practice incorporates moving images, gesture, and performance, to explore vulnerability of living in a body. Her films have screened recently at Slamdance, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Antimatter, ADF’s Movies by Movers, and in group and gallery exhibitions including the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (NY), Whitney Humanities Center (Yale University), and Bow Arts Gallery (London), among others.

Kym McDaniel是一位电影作者、媒体艺术家、编舞者和表演家。她目前的练习包含了活动影像、姿势与表演,以此来探索活在躯干下的灵活性。她的作品近期在多处放映,包括芝加哥地下电影节、Antimatter、美国舞蹈电影节的舞者电影节;同时也在展览中展出,包括罗切斯特现代艺术中心、惠特尼人文中心以及宝儿艺术画廊。

Exit Strategy #4


Exit Strategy #4
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