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Léonore Mercier

Léonore Mercier is a film maker, plastician and compositor born in 1985. Her approach is transversal between these different media. In her work, Léonore aims to place the sound experience on an equal footing with the image. At Le Fresnoy, she made a short fiction “Via” with Denis Lavant as the main character. She builds cinematographic worlds where the sound is able to reveal our own mental images to ourselves. This will to make us travel into another dimension can be felt with two of her works: the Damassama, Tibetan bowls following an orchestra conductor, and the Synsthesium, a 3D ambisonic listening dome. She directed several music videos for the famous French singer Arthur H and more recently for Anne Sylvestre.

莱昂诺尔·梅尔西(Léonore Mercier)出生于1985年,是一位导演、艺术家和作曲家。她的创作方式横跨不同媒体。在她的作品中,莱昂诺尔的目标是将声音体验与图像平等对待。在法国国立当代艺术研究院(Le Fresnoy),她制作了一部以德尼·拉旺(Denis Lavant)为主角的剧情短片《Via》。她构建了一个电影世界,在这里,声音能够向我们展示自己的心理图像。从她的两部作品中,我们可以感受到这种让我们进入另一个维度的意愿:Damassama,跟随指挥家的西藏碗,以及Synsthesium,一个3D环绕音听音顶。同时,她曾为著名的法国歌手亚瑟·艾克斯(Arthur H)导演了几部MV,最近还为安妮·西尔维斯特尔(Anne Sylvestre)制作了MV。



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