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Leri Matehha

Leri MATEHHA (b. in Tallinn, Estonia). Studied Philosophy and Scandinavian studies, before graduating from the Academia of Media Arts with an emphasis on media theory and cinema. Her short films, such as "Because It’s the Middle of March" (2017) have been shown at various national and international festivals, including Image Festival Toronto and Clermont Ferrand. Her first feature film Thomas der Hochspringer (2020) premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Currently working on her second feature-length movie "W" with the support of Wim Wenders Foundation and as a postgrad researcher in Israel with the DAAD grant.

Leri MATEHHA出生于爱沙尼亚塔林。她最初学习哲学和斯堪的纳维亚语,随后在媒介艺术学院重点研究媒介理论与电影学。她的电影《Because It's the Middle of March》(2017)在包括多伦多和克莱费朗电影节在内的多个国家级、国际级电影节进行展映。她的首部剧情片《Thomas der Hochspringer》(2020)在鹿特丹国际电影节举行了首映。当前,在维姆文德斯基金会的支持下,她正在拍摄第二部故事长片《W》。此外,在德国学术交流中心的支持下,她正在以色列进行学术研究。(舒岚)

Tears will remain


Tears will remain
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