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Li Kexin


Li Ke-Xin, studied under the acclaimed American director Kelly Reichardt, finishes her undergraduate school at Bard College. She also studied at NYU Tisch, Wasada University, Queen’s University of Belfast, and FAMU as a visiting scholar. She is a director, a poet, who is known for her gentle yet powerful style. Her abundant works include theater pieces, poetries, films, and installations. Her poetry book Cloud is now collected at the National Library of China.

李可心,师从Kelly Reichardt导演,毕业于Bard College,曾在NYU Tisch、FAMU、早稻田大学访问。作为影像创作者,她从诗歌与剧场中汲取灵感,探索现实与虚构的边界。短片《明镜子》入围DMZ国际纪录片电影节。

Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror
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