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Liu Chongyan


CHONGYAN LIU is a Chinese artist/filmmaker living and studying in Paris. She was born in Guizhou, China, in 1995. She graduated from CAFA: Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, and is now pursuing her master's degree at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, France. Chongyan

刘重燕,1995年出生于贵州,本科毕业于中央美术学院油画系,后入学巴黎国立高等美术学院Clément Cogitore工作室/Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano工作室。她从个人的经历中汲取灵感,创作的作品涉及多种艺术表现方式,包括纪录片、非虚构影像、视频装置、绘画和雕塑。

Is There a Pine on the Mountain


Is There a Pine on the Mountain
Is There a Pine On The Mountain
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