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Luca Sorgato

Luca Sorgato was born in Milan in 1985. His filmic research moves between the exploration of forgotten bodies, places and objects, with a constant reflection on time. His work focuses on the Italian poet Attilio Lolini; an in- depth study, digging through letters, old newspapers and original works.His works have been presented and awarded by museums and festivals such as MOCAK Krakow, Torino Film Festival, ShorTS International Film Festival and Laceno d'oro. In 2021 his film Yawns won the best film award at the Beijing International Short Film Festival. His films are distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma in Paris.

卢卡·索尔加托(Luca Sorgato)于1985年出生在米兰。他的电影研究涉足于对被遗忘的身体、地方和物体的探索,同时不断反思时间。他的作品重点关注意大利诗人阿提利奥·洛利尼;通过深入研究,挖掘信件、旧报纸和原创作品。 他的作品曾在克拉科夫现代艺术博物馆、都灵电影节等博物馆和电影节上展出并获奖。2021年,他的电影《Yawns》在北京国际短片电影节上获得最佳影片奖。他的电影由巴黎Collectif Jeune Cinéma 发行。

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Uncle Palmiro


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