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Luis Lechosa

Luis Lechosa, Burgos, Spain, 1983.Graduated from Master.LAV, Audiovisual Laboratory for Contemporary Creation in 2018, he specializes his studies in experimental cinema linking his work with a research around the performativity of the image.Recent works include Solar Quadrant (2018), O Verde (2019) or Filmessay B (2021), participating in screenings in art centers such as La Casa Encendida, Cineteca Matadero, CondeDuque in Madrid, Paris Festival for Different & Experimental Cinemas, Tabakalera in San Sebastián, or Punto de Vista Festival in Pamplona, Spain.His latest work, Fare Thee Ill (Mal Siglo Haya), is part of a larger project entitled A Possible Film.

路易斯·莱乔萨(Luis Lechosa),1983年出生于西班牙布尔戈斯。2018年毕业于西班牙创作与实践视听实验室,他将专业研究重点放在实验电影上,将他的作品与围绕图像表现性的研究联系起来。

Fare Thee Ill


Fare Thee Ill
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