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Luiza Gonçalves

Luiza Gonçalves, born in Buenos Aires (1997) is an artist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. In 2014 she was awarded the Kit Smith Grant to fund her first solo photography show at Rockwell Art Gallery in her hometown of Wilton, Connecticut. Her interest in documentation, digital manipulation, and figure drawing led her to Pratt Institute where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video. In 2016, her documentary short, “New City Doc” was featured at the Nyack Film Festival in New York. Gonçalves was involved with the 16mm Film Lab and the Saturday Art School teaching program at Pratt. She continued to explore various mediums such as poetry, performance, and sculpture while studying. In 2019, she completed two thesis projects, a narrative short titled, “Christmas Carp” and a multi-media installation and performance titled “Nothing will scare her again.” After graduating she began working at Poster House museum as a gallery and research assistant. In 2020, Gonçalves enrolled in the masters program at Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola where she filmed “Un Bananero No Es Casualidad”, her latest award-winning film prized at the 57th Pesaro International Film Festival. She is currently developing her first feature length film.

Luiza Gonçalves出生于布宜诺斯艾利斯(1997年),是一位艺术家和导演,现居住在纽约布鲁克林。2014年,她获得了基特-史密斯资助,在家乡康涅狄格州威尔顿的罗克韦尔艺术馆举办首次个人摄影展。她对记录、数字处理和人物画的兴趣使她进入普拉特学院,在那里她获得了电影和录像的艺术学士学位。2016年,她的纪录片短片 《新城市纪录 》在纽约的尼亚克电影节上放映。同时,Gonçalves参与了普拉特学院的16毫米电影实验室和周六艺术学校的教学项目。她在学习期间不断探索各种媒介,如诗歌、表演和雕塑。2020年,Gonçalves于Elias Querejeta电影学院开始了她的硕士课程,并拍摄了第57届佩萨罗国际电影节获奖影片 《香蕉树并非偶然》。目前她正在准备第一部长片。

A Banana Tree Is No Coincidence


A Banana Tree Is No Coincidence
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