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Maïder Fortuné

Maïder Fortuné, studied literature and theatre before entering Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Arts, where she developed a performance-related practice of the technological image. With its great formal rigor, Fortuné’s work commands all the viewer’s attention for a genuine experience of the image and its processes. Recently, her practice turned to more narratives preoccupations. Her work has been exhibited internationaly. In 2020, Communicating Vessels won the Ammodo Tiger short award at IFFR Rotterdam.

Maïder Fortuné毕业于文学和戏剧专业,随后进入法国国立当代艺术研究中心深造,在那里她主要创作基于舞台表演的科技影像。她作品严谨的形式需要观众集中注意力以期获得影像及其处理过程的真实体验。近期,她的创作转至更偏叙事的方向。她的作品在世界各地广泛展映。2020年《连通器》获得鹿特丹国际电影节短片金虎奖。

Communicating Vessels


Communicating Vessels
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