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Maïté Sonnet

Maïté Sonnet directed her first short film, Massacre, which was selected in more than thirty festivals, in 2019. Burial of Life as a Young Girl is her second short film, and she is working on a feature film, still produced by Quartett Production. She is also a screenwriter, and is writing a TV series on the witch hunt for France TV, to be shot in late 2022.

2019年,Maïté Sonnet执导了她的首部短片《大屠杀》,该片入选了三十多个电影节。《少女生命之祭》是她的第二部短片,现在她正在导演一部长片,这部作品仍由巴黎影视公司Quartett Production制作。此外,她还是一名编剧,正在为法国电视台撰写一部关于猎杀女巫的电视剧剧本,该剧将于2022年底拍摄。

Burial of Life as a Young Girl


Burial of Life as a Young Girl
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