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Mahdy Abo Bahat, Abdo Zin Eldin

Mahdy Abo Bahat and Abdo Zin Eldin are artist-filmmakers from Cairo, based between Egypt and the UK. The duo have a 10-year practice rooted in sound and image through audio field recordings and street videography. Their fixation with moving-image stems from a need to document whilst witnessing the Egyptian upheaval in 2011. Now they are committed to their documentary practice by assembling hauntologies that summon beings, worlds, and times deemed immemorial by the current ruling discourse.

马赫迪·阿博·巴哈特(Mahdy Abo Bahat)和阿布多·津·埃尔丁(Abdo Zin Eldin)是来自开罗的艺术家、导演,在埃及和英国工作。二人有着10年的实践经验,通过音频野外录音和街头录影的方式,深耕声音和图像领域。他们对运动影像的迷恋源于记录2011年埃及动荡的渴望。现在,他们致力于唤起一些被当前统治话语视为无法追忆的存在、世界和时光。

The Goose's Excuse


The Goose's Excuse
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