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Maja Costa

Maja Costa is as a freelance, multilingual screenwriter/director based. After studying Cello at the Milan Conservatory and getting a master’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology, she studied Screenwriting at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb) and is, as a scholarship holder from SKY Italia, an Alumna of the International Showrunner Incubator Serial Eyes. She is currently co-developing original series for different production companies and broadcasters and co-adapting the novel “E.E.” by Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tocarkzuk into a feature-length film. Her short film Mångata has been granted production aid by the European Space Agency. Her original short series Réveil won 2021 the Best Pitch Prize at the Marseille Web Festival.

玛娅·科斯塔(Maja Costa)是一位自由职业、多语言的编剧/导演,现居于哥本哈根。在米兰音乐学院学习大提琴并获得古代近东研究和埃及学硕士学位后,她在德国电影电视学院学习了编剧。她目前正在为不同的制片公司和广播公司共同开发原创系列,并将诺贝尔奖得主奥尔加·托查尔茨克的小说《E.E.》改编成一部长篇电影。她的短片《Mångata-The Road To The Moon》获得了欧洲航天局的制作援助。她的原创短片系列《Réveil》在2021年赢得了马赛网络电影节的最佳提案奖。

Mångata - The Road To The Moon


Mångata - The Road To The Moon
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