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Maja Novaković

Maja Novaković holds a Master’s in Art History and is currently undertaking a Ph.D. on the work of Sergei Parajanov at the University of Belgrade, she is also a researcher at the Mathematical Institute at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Then Comes The Evening is her first film.

Maja Novaković拥有艺术史硕士学位,目前在贝尔格莱德大学攻读关于谢尔盖·帕拉杰诺夫研究的博士学位。她同时也是塞尔维亚科学与艺术学院的数学研究院学者。《接着夜晚降临》是她的第一部电影作品。

Then comes the evening


Then comes the evening
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