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María Molina Peiró

María Molina Peiró is an Amsterdam-based spanish audiovisual artist, filmmaker and researcher. Her film and installations explore layered realities that connect humans, technology and nature. She is particularly interested in memory systems (from geology to digital memory) and the relation between cinema and science. She studied at the University of the Arts in Sevilla and the Netherlands Film Academy, where she won the AHK Award for Best Master Project. Her films and art works have been showcased in international museums and festivals like Haus der Kulturen, EYE Film Museum, Museum of Modern Art Barcelona, Art Futura, Taiwan Video Art Biennia and VIS Vienna. The Sasha (2019) is selected in the Tiger Short Competition at IFFR.

María Molina Peiró是西班牙的声画艺术家、电影人和研究者,现居阿姆斯特丹。她的电影和装置探索了联结人类、技术和自然的多层现实。 她对记忆(从地质学到数字存储)及电影和科学的关系特别感兴趣。她毕业于塞维利亚艺术大学和荷兰电影学院。,她的电影和艺术作品曾在国际博物馆和艺术节上展出过,例如Haus der Kulturen、EYE电影博物馆、巴塞罗那现代艺术博物馆、Art Futura、台湾录像艺术双年展和VIS Vienna。 本片是2019年鹿特丹电影节的竞赛短片。

The Sasha


The Sasha
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