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Maria Kourkouta

Maria Kourkouta is a filmmaker, editor and producer, born in Greece, in 1982. After studying history, she moved to Paris where she studied film theory. She makes films since 2010, mostly in 16mm film. After her short film Return To Aeolus Street in 2014 (Arte Prize for Best European short film at Oberhausen FF), she co-directed in 2016 her first feature film with the poet Niki Giannari, Spectres Are Haunting Europe (Best international documentary at Jihlava’s FF). She has been an active member of the french artist-run film laboratories L’Etna and L’Abominable for more than ten years.

Maria Kourkouta于1982年出生在希腊,是一名电影导演、剪辑师和制片人。结束了历史 专业的学习后,她搬到了巴黎学习电影理论。自2010年起,她开始拍摄电影,她的大部 分电影都采用16毫米胶片拍摄。继2014年的短片《To Aeolus Street》(获奥伯豪森国 际短片电影节最佳欧洲短片艺术奖)后,2016年她与诗人Niki Giannari合作执导了她的 第一部剧情片《Spectres Are Haunting Europe》(获吉赫拉瓦国际纪录片电影节最佳 国际纪录片奖)。十多年来,她一直是法国艺术家经营的电影实验室L'Etna以及L'Abominable 的活跃成员。(常瑞)



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