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Medhin Tewolde Serrano

Medhin Tewolde Serrano is Eritrean-Mexican and lives in Chiapas. Upon completing her studies in documentary filmmaking, she became concerned with telling the stories of others. Since then, she has dedicated herself to accompanying participatory video and community communication processes in Spain, Tunisia, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. In accompanying these processes, her own process of identity construction as a woman of African descent was revealed to her. This led her to direct her first feature-length documentary: ‘Negra’. During this process, she learned of the story of Gaspar Yanga, an Afro-Mexican hero who, unfortunately, is little known. For this reason, she decided to create an animated fiction short film inspired by his biography and entitled ‘Nyanga’. It is an homage to marronage yesterday and today.

梅丁·特沃德·塞拉诺(Medhin Tewolde Serrano),艾利特里亚-墨西哥混血,居住在恰帕斯。在完成纪录片制作的学业后,她开始关注他人的故事。从那时起,她致力于参与式视频和社区传播项目,在西班牙、突尼斯、墨西哥、洪都拉斯和危地马拉进行创作实践。在参与这些项目的过程中,她发现了自己作为非洲裔女性的身份建构过程。这促使她执导了她的第一部纪录片长片:《Negra》。在这个过程中,她了解到了加斯帕·扬迦(Gaspar Yanga)的故事:这是一位鲜为人知的非洲裔墨西哥英雄。因此,她决定创作一部以他的传记为灵感的动画虚构短片,题为《Nyanga》,作为对昔日与当代种种逃亡行动的致敬。



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