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Miguel Ángel Calderón

Miguel Ángel Calderón (Madrid, 1994) is a visual artist and filmmaker. Raised in both Spain and Peru, he then moved to the USA to study at the University of Kansas. After starting a degree in computer science, he obtained a B.A. in Fine Arts. He lives and works in Madrid.

His work seeks to defy our mechanisms of belief in relation to our personal, social and historical realities, with special emphasis on the media narrative that structures them. For that purpose, his works propose an unsettling and immersive experience where, by revealing the weaknesses we share, it is possible to question the distance that presumably separates us. His videos, animations and performance art pieces have been presented in exhibitions, cultural centers and film festivals in New York, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Chicago and Calcutta, among others. He has been an artist-in-residence at Centro de Residencias Artísticas, Matadero Madrid.

Miguel Ángel Calderón于1994年出生在西班牙马德里,是一位视觉艺术家和电影制作人。他在西班牙和秘鲁长大,之后移居美国,在堪萨斯大学学习。在开始攻读计算机科学学位后,他获得了美术学士学位,现生活和工作于马德里。他的作品试图挑战我们与个人、社会和历史现实相关的信念机制,特别强调构建它们的媒体叙事。为此,他的作品通过揭示人们共同的弱点——我们有可能对彼此之间的距离提出质疑,以此来给人一种令人不安身临其境的体验。他的视频、动画和行为艺术作品曾在纽约、马德里、圣保罗、莫斯科、芝加哥和加尔各答等地的展览、文化中心和电影节上展出。他一直是马德里马塔德罗艺术驻地中心的常驻艺术家。(季盈杰)

The Oblivion of Mirrors


The Oblivion of Mirrors
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