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Miguel de Jesus

Based on the island of Tasmania, Miguel de Jesus was born in Praia do Carvoeiro (Algarve) and grew up in Lisbon. He completed a Bachelor of Cinema in the editing department at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School (ESTC), and has worked with directors such as João Pedro Rodrigues, Marco Martins, João Viana, José Miguel Ribeiro and Paulo Carneiro. He frequently works with the artist Henrique Pavão.Cerro dos Pios, his debut in directing, received the Portuguese Competition Jury Award at Doclisboa 19’ and the D.Quijote Award from the International Federation of Cineclubs at Caminhos do Cinema Português.

米格尔·德热苏斯(Miguel de Jesus)现居塔斯马尼亚岛,出生在卡尔瓦埃罗海滩(阿尔加夫),在里斯本长大。他在里斯本戏剧与电影学院(ESTC)的剪辑系获得电影学学士学位,并与导演若昂·佩德罗·罗德里格斯(João Pedro Rodrigues)、马可·马丁(Marco Martins)、若昂·维亚纳(João Viana)等合作过。他也经常与艺术家恩里克·帕旺(Henrique Pavão)合作。他的导演首作《Cerro dos Pios》获得了Doclisboa国际电影节葡萄牙竞赛评审奖以及葡萄牙电影节(Caminhos do Cinema Português)国际电影俱乐部联合会颁发的唐·吉诃德奖(D.Quijote)。

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Ultimate Bliss
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