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Mike Hoolboom

Mike Hoolboom (1959, Toronto). Media artist and writer. He was schooled at the Funnel, Toronto's former underground movie palace, and has made more than 100 movies since 1980. He is the author/co/editor of 30 books. There have been 20 international retrospectives of his work, and he has won more than 80 festival awards, including the Best Short Film Award in Toronto IFF two times. In 2009 he received the Bell Award in Video Art, presented by the Canadian Council of Arts "for the exceptional contribution to the advancement of video art and practices in the country".

Mike Hoolboom(1959年,多伦多)。媒体艺术家和作家,曾在多伦多前地下电影宫 Funnel学习,自1980年以来拍摄了100多部电影。他也是30本书的作者、编辑及合作编辑。他的作品有20个国际回顾展,赢得了80多个电影节奖项,包括两次获得多伦多国际电影节的最佳短片奖。2009年,他获得了加拿大艺术委员会为其视频艺术颁发的铃铛奖,以表彰他对该国视频艺术和实践的进步做出的特殊贡献。



3 Dreams of Horses


3 Dreams of Horses
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