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Morgan Menegazzo

MORGAN MENEGAZZO, Lendinara, 1976.
After his studies in cinematography at the University of Bologna, where he attended the DAMS (Discipline of Arts, Music and Show business) course, he graduated from the NUCT (New University of Cinema and Television) in Cinecittà. Director, author and editorial coordinator, since 2001 he has been involved in the making of documentaries, videos and experimental films.
His works, created in collaboration with Mariachiara Pernisa, were released among others at the Cineteca Nazionale (National Film Archive) in Rome, at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, at MART in Rovereto, at the CICA Museum in Ginpo - South Korea; they were also broadcast by national broadcasting companies and satellite networks such as Rai, Al Jazeera and Russia Today and selected by national and international film festivals, such as Torino Film Festival, Mostra del Nuovo Cinema in Pesaro, Avvistamenti, Haverhill Experimental Film festival and Experiments in Cinema.

摩根·梅内加佐(Morgan Menegazzo),于1976年出生在意大利伦迪纳拉。 在博洛尼亚大学攻读电影学期间,他参加了艺术、音乐和表演业务(DAMS)课程,并从新电影电视大学(NUCT)毕业。作为导演、作者和编辑,自2001年以来,他一直从事纪录片、视频和实验电影的制作。 他与玛丽亚基亚拉·佩尔尼莎(Mariachiara Pernisa)合作的作品曾在罗马的国家电影档案馆(Cineteca Nazionale)、罗马当代艺术馆、特伦托和罗韦雷托现当代艺术博物馆以及韩国仁川的CICA博物馆等地发布。同时,作品还在意大利国家广播公司Rai、半岛电视台和今日俄罗斯等国家和国际卫星网络上播放,并入选多个国际电影节。

Lost Paradise In Two Reels


Lost Paradise In Two Reels
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