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Natan Castay

Brussels-born Natan Castay currently resides there. In 2022, he wrote and directed "Human, not human" as a graduation project at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium. Inspired by his experience as an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker during the 2020 lockdown, the film delves into the complexities of the platform. Castay explores its origins in a 17th-century automaton legend and its modern implications. Over a year, he engaged with hundreds of turkers worldwide, creating a blend of documentary, fiction, and experimental storytelling to convey his and others' experiences.

纳坦·卡斯泰(Natan Castay)出生于布鲁塞尔。2022年,他在比利时的传播艺术学院完成毕业项目时创作并执导了《Human, not human》。受到在2020年封锁期间作为亚马逊机械土耳其工作者的经历的启发,该影片深入探讨了这一平台的复杂性。卡斯泰探讨了它在17世纪自动机传说中的起源及其现代含义。在一年的时间里,他与全球数百名土耳其工作者互动,创造了一种纪录片、小说和实验叙事的融合,以传达他自己和其他人的经历。

Human, not human


Human, not human
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