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Ni Ready


Ready Ni is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and traveler. He just graduated from MFA in Documentary Media at Northwestern University. His works center on how ordinary people's civic lives reflect greater socio-political issues. From the rising conflict between Chinese and African in Angola, to Hong Kong’s most significant political movement, his films especially focus on the geopolitical conflicts caused by cultural and ideological differences between East and West.

倪瑞迪是一位独立的非虚构电影导演,摄影师和旅行者,毕业于美国西北大学的纪录片媒体硕士。 他的作品聚焦在普通人的公民生活如何反映更大的社会、政治、文化问题,着眼于东西方的文化和意识形态差异引起的地缘政治冲突,并深入探讨这些冲突对人们日常生活和精神世界的塑造和影响。

Security Kingdom


Security Kingdom
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