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Niu Niu


Director Niu Niu studied at the Literature Department of Beijing Film Academy, the Department of Photography of Beijing Film Academy, and the Department of Drama of Central Academy of Drama. Participated in the filming of many films such as "Tharlo", "Jinpa" and "Wangdrak's Rain Boots”. Directed: "The Most Beautiful Book" and "The Wilderness" documentary. A solo exhibition in 2015: "THE RECORDINGS OF TIME"

导演牛牛先后就读于北京电影学院文学系、北京电影学院摄影系、中央戏剧学院戏文系 。参与电影《塔洛》、《撞死了一只羊》、《旺扎的雨靴》等多部电影的拍摄工作。
执导《最美之书》《荒野中》纪录片。2015年举办个展:《小影像大时代 THE RECORDINGS OF TIME》。

God Bless You


God Bless You
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