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Nour Ouayda

Nour Ouayda is a filmmaker and film programmer. Her films experiment with various forms of fiction writing in cinema. She is a member of The Camelia Committee with Carine Doumit and Mira Adoumier and part of the editorial committee of the Montreal-based online film journal Hors Champ. Between 2018 and 2023, she was deputy director at Metropolis Cinema Association in Beirut where she managed and developed the Cinematheque Beirut project.

努尔·乌艾达(Nour Ouayda)是一位导演和策展人。她的电影尝试运用电影中各种形式的虚构写作。她是卡梅利亚委员会(与卡琳·杜米特和米拉·阿杜米尔合作)的成员,也是蒙特利尔在线电影杂志《Hors Champ》的编辑委员会成员。在2018年至2023年期间,她担任贝鲁特大都会电影协会的副导演,负责管理和发展“贝鲁特电影库”项目。

The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden
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