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Olha Zhurba

Olha Zhurba graduated from Kyiv National I. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Specialized as feature documentary director. After graduating she took up the position of creator and editor of movie trailers on major Ukrainian TV-channel. In 2013 she moved into the field of commercial production and shot number of creative commercials, one of them won an award at the international marketing festivals (PromaxBDA and the EYES & EARS Awards). In 2014 Olha started her first film, a long term documentary project «Roma»(working title) that was supported by Ukrainian, Dutch, Danish film funds and now is in the post production stage. She also works as an editor and editing consultant.

Olha Zhurba 毕业于基辅国⽴卡尔宾科学-卡⾥戏剧学院,是⼀位纪录长⽚导演。毕业后,她在
告,其中⼀部在国际营销节(PromaxBDA and the EYES & EARS Awards)上获奖。2014 年,
兰、丹麦电影基⾦的⽀持,⽬前正处于后期制作阶段。 她还担任编辑和编辑顾问。

Dad’s sneakers


Dad’s sneakers
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