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Oona Taper

Oona Taper creates films, installations and animations that are invested in the materiality of moving images to create tactile and embodied experiences for the viewer. Her work responds to current and historical events with whimsy and daydreams to contend with the constant mundane apocalypses of the modern world.

欧娜·塔佩尔(Oona Taper)创作的电影、装置和动画投身于移动图像的物质性,为观众创造触感和身临其境的体验。她的作品以轻松幽默和白日梦回应当前和历史事件,以对抗现代世界持续不断的平凡启示。

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;


The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
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