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Parinda Mai

Parinda Mai, like many of her generation in Thailand, grew up with the story Twelve Sisters, communicated across platforms, from oral history to soap operas and cartoon animations. The project 12 Kalpas Tales is the artist’s personal search and reinterpretation of the moral of this story and its implications for the interconnected humanity. Blinded by Centuries emerges from this project, and is intended to capture the core energy of this myth that involves invading, exploiting, and destroying something, then leaving it behind to later try to rescue it with one’s ethics. In Blinded by Centuries an esoteric folktale is played out globally in contemporary terms. Project website:

帕琳达·麦(Parinda Mai)像许多泰国同龄人一样,是在传统故事《12 Kalpas Tales》的熏陶中长大的。这个故事曾通过口头叙述、肥皂剧和卡通动画等多种媒介传播。项目《12 Kalpas Tales》是艺术家对这个故事及其对人与人交互关系的道德寓意进行的个人探索和重新诠释。《Blinded by Centuries》源于这个项目,旨在捕捉这个神话的核心能量:包括入侵、利用和摧毁,之后再试图用自己的伦理来拯救它。在《Blinded by Centuries》中,一个神秘的民间传说以当代话语面向全球演绎。

Blinded by Centuries


Blinded by Centuries
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