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Pastinaca Videotapes Plantation


Pastinaca Videotapes Plantation, referred to as PVP, is composed of five unnamed independent directors/programmers/graphic designers from China/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Belarus/Switzerland. In the early 2022 they formed a network creative group. They specialize in the recovery and re-creation of old and lost video tapes from around the world. They expect viewers to see new ideas from old videos. "A Found Soviet" is the first work of PVP.

欧防风录像种植所,英文全称为“Pastinaca Videotapes Plantation”,简称PVP,由五个分别来自中国大陆/波黑/白俄罗斯/瑞士的不具名的独立导演/程序员/平面设计师的多面手等于2022年初组成网络创作团体。我们专注于对世界各地的老旧录像带、散失录像的回收和再创作。我们期待观者能从旧的录像看出全新的创意。《一个捡拾的苏联》是我们团队的第一部作品。

A Found Soviet


A Found Soviet
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