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Pathompon Mont Tesprateep

Pathompon Mont Tesprateep was born in Bangkok but raised in Isan (the northeastern region of Thailand). He graduated with a Master degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, London. Constructed from layers of sound and filmic materials - from celluloid to digital - and photography, his films conjure trance-like and immersive experience while emerging the playground of conscious and the dream structure that associates singular memory to the fragments and uncertainty. Mont has been working on a series of hand-processed 16mm and S-8 films, which have been shown at film festivals around the world. Mont lives in Bangkok, Thailand, and has been developing a script for his first feature film.

Pathompon Mont Tesprateep出生于曼谷,成长于泰国东北区域的伊桑。他在伦敦的切尔西艺术与设计学院获得艺术硕士学位。通过多层的声音、影像素材(从胶片到数字)与照片组合构建,他的作品营造出一种虚幻沉浸式体验,同时显露出通过意识与梦境结构肆意将碎片和不确定性与个体记忆相互联系。他创作了多部手工冲洗的16mm以及超8胶片作品,并在全球多个电影节展映。他目前生活工作在曼谷,并且在计划他第一部长片的剧本。



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