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Pauline Moussours

Born in 1989 in Corrèze, France. Pauline Moussours studied cinema at university and now works in Paris in film production for over a decade.She wrote and directed her first short film, ANA AND THE FLAMES (2020), which tells the story of a woman returning from space to a deserted and possibly apocalyptic town in Portugal.The film has been selected in several festivals. Seeking to combine poetic and cinematic writing, she directed her second short film, THIS STORY TO EXIST (2023), an experimental film essentially composed of analog photographs.

保利娜·穆苏尔(Pauline Moussours)于1989年出生在法国科雷兹。她曾在大学学习电影,如今在巴黎从事电影制作已有十多年经验。2020年,她创作并导演了自己第一部的短片《Ana and the Flames》,该影片讲述了一位女性从太空返回葡萄牙一个荒凉且可能朝圣般的城镇的故事。这部电影入选了多个电影节。为了融合诗意和电影叙事,她执导了她的第二部短片《This Story to Exist》(2023),这是一部实验性电影,主要由模拟照片构成。

This story to exist


This story to exist
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