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Paulo Menezes

Paulo Menezes is a award winning Brazilian filmmaker currently studying directing at the German Film Academy in Berlin- DFFB. He recently won the Silver Leopard for best internatinal short film at the 74 Locarno Film festival. He previously studied Film and TV production in London and after graduating he worked on various documentaries for BBC and Al Jazeera in the UK.

保罗·梅内泽斯(Paulo Menezes)是一位巴西导演,目前就读于柏林德国电影学院(DFFB)导演专业。最近,他在第74届洛迦诺电影节上凭借短片荣获银豹奖。他之前在伦敦学习电影和电视制作,毕业后在英国的BBC和Al Jazeera制作了多部纪录片。

Paradise Europe


Paradise Europe
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