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Pedro Maia

Born in Vila do Conde (Portugal). Based in Berlin. Pedro Maia is a Portuguese filmmaker working predominantly with 16mm and 8mm film, pushing the boundaries and aesthetic of analog cinema by manipulating the raw materials and challenging the traditional process, continually expanding the visual and technological heritage of classic film methods.
His work has been presented and exhibited at renowned film festivals, institutions and galleries, including The Barbican Center, Pompidou, Serralves Museum, Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum, MACBA Barcelona, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Mostra São Paulo, amongst others.
Maia has contributed to projects to Patti Smith and Danny Elfman and has presented solo performances as well collaborations with musicians such such as Vessel, Shackleton, Visionist, Craig Leon, Lee Ranaldo, Fennesz with presentations of these in leading festivals and institutions like Sonar, Unsound, Berlin Atonal, Mutek, Red Bull Music Academy, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, among others.

Pedro Maia是一位葡萄牙电影创作者,他主要使用16mm和8mm胶片摄影,利用原材料和挑战传统工艺,突破模拟摄影的界限和美学,不断拓展经典电影拍摄方法中的视觉和技术财富。他的作品曾在知名电影节、艺术机构和画廊展出,包括英国伦敦巴比肯艺术中心、巴黎蓬皮杜国家艺术文化中心、东京都现代美术馆等。Maia曾参与帕蒂·史密斯和丹尼·艾夫曼的项目,进行独奏表演,也同时与众多音乐家进行了合作,并在顶级电影节及艺术中心进行表演。(常瑞)

Janela do Inferno


Janela do Inferno
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