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Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas is a young Brazilian filmmaker born and raised in Cotia, in the state of São Paulo. He studied film at FAAP College and, during his university period, organized an independent film exhibition called "Sessões de Cinema"His first short film, "Estação: Senhora", premiered at the "Metrô - Festival do Cinema Universitário Brasileiro", while his second short, "SOLOS", was selected for the La Cinef at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023.Pedro has worked as an assistant director on major productions such as "Barba Ensopada de Sangue" by Aly Muritiba, "Aruanas" by Estela Renner, and "Marcelo Marmelo Martelo" by Duda Vasmen, as well as other series for Netflix, Paramount, Amazon Prime, and Globo Play, in the past five years.Currently, Pedro is focusing on developing his first feature film, "Tubarão de Guaratuba", and raising funds for his next short film, "Peixes", produced by Ladaia Filmes.

佩德罗·瓦尔加斯(Pedro Vargas)是一位年轻的巴西导演,出生并成长在圣保罗州的科蒂亚。他在自由州大学学习电影,并在大学期间组织了独立电影展。 他的第一部短片《Estação: Senhora》首映于巴西大学生电影节,他的第二部短片《Solos》入选2023年戛纳电影基石单元。 目前,佩德罗正致力于开发他的首部长片《Tubarão de Guaratuba》,并为他的下一部短片《Peixes》筹集资金。



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