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Pierre Voland

Born in 1992 in Dole (France), Pierre Voland studied
literature and cinema, and then did an artistic master's degree at the École de Recherche Graphique
(ERG). Influenced by the lyrical aspect of French and
American experimental cinema, he integrates autobiographical and literature elements into his work.
His work often takes the form of interior journeys
that use the image/sound shift, in search of a form
of contemplation.

Pierre Voland于1992年出生在法国多尔,研究文学和电影,在布鲁塞尔绘图绘画研究学院(ERG)获艺术硕士学位。 受法国和美国实验电影的抒情风格的影响,他将自传和文学元素融入自己的作品中。他的作品经常采用一种内心漫游的表达形式,利用图像和声音的转换,以寻求一种沉思的方式。(申雨夕)

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