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Pierre Yves Clouin

Since 1995, Pierre Yves Clouin, a Paris-based filmmaker and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts architecture graduate, has earned accolades like the Silver Spire Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival. His films, recognized globally, have been featured at prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, including those in San Francisco, Chicago, Thessaloniki, Moscow, and more.

自1995年以来,皮埃尔·伊夫·克卢安(Pierre Yves Clouin)是一位驻巴黎的导演和巴黎高等美术学院建筑专业毕业生,曾获得旧金山国际电影节的银尖顶奖等荣誉。他的电影在全球范围内受到认可,并在旧金山、芝加哥、塞萨洛尼基、莫斯科等世界各地的著名场馆和电影节上展出。

Rain Again


Rain Again
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