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Pietro Francesco Pingitore

I am a visual anthropologist born Milan, Italy. I studied Art and Humanities in Bologna where I also attended a Film School in 2014. In 2020 I decided to direct my journey as a filmmaker towards the dimension of anthropological studies. I started the MA in Visual Anthropology at the Goldsmiths University of London and I deepened my interests in manifestations that define what is "wild" in specific territories. As a filmmaker I want to approach different ecologies exploring lines traced by the separations between nature and culture, domestic and wild, art and science, behaviour and performance, documentary and fiction. What are the tools, the technologies and the narratives that embody those marks of separation?

彼得·弗朗切斯科·平吉托里(Pietro Francesco Pingitore)是一位出生在意大利米兰的视觉人类学家。他在博洛尼亚学习艺术与人文学科,并于2014年就读了一所电影学校。2020年,他决定将自己作为导演的旅程引向人类学研究的领域。他开始在伦敦大学金史密斯学院攻读视觉人类学硕士学位,深入研究了在特定领域定义“野生”是什么的表现形式。作为一名导演,他希望通过探索自然与文化、家庭与野外、艺术与科学、行为与表演、纪录片与虚构之间的分离线,来接近不同的生态系统。什么是体现这些分离痕迹的工具、技术和叙事?

L'Ombra di Rasputin


L'Ombra di Rasputin
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